… Your search is over. Use The Dream Team!

If you are looking for an agent and know a few but are not sure, well your search is over! I have had over 13 rental houses at one time and have talked to literately 100’s of agents trying to find one with more knowledge than I have. I have found them and the best part is you get 2 for 1. Tiffany is wonderful with clients and has a very type A aggressive attitude and keeps things very organized as does her husband Todd. What I like about them is they are professionals and met my expectations as to doing an accurate Market Analysis of the neighborhood and suggested what we should and should not do to get the best price for the least amount of money spent on upgrades. They then had open houses to try to get a contract on the house as well as get a feel for what people really thought and if there were any “consistent showstoppers” that needed to be addressed. After we got a contract, an inspection was done and this is where Todd is one of the best negotiators I have seen to keep the sales price up and not let the buyers agent take over and drive the price down because of a few minor issues. Todd did not let that happen and controlled the meeting so we got a good price for the house. I have known these two for years and give them my recommendation (which I almost never do), and I know the stress of buying and selling a house. Your search is over. Use The Dream Team!

— Mark A. - Woodstock, GA